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Self Portrait

Kris Livingston

During "normal" work hours, Kris is currently a software engineer and user-interface designer at Hewlett-Packard, where he never has to wear a tie. He has worked on printer-related utility programs, printer driver software, web-based imaging projects, and the touch-screen control panel user interface for HP's newest large department multi-function copier. He currently holds 50 US patents for his innovative work at HP. His penchant for graphics and design complements his technical skills, and makes him uniquely suited to doing both programming and design work.

After work, the same combination of skills offers Kris a distinct advantage over the artistic and technical challenges of fine photography. His 20+ years of experience with Adobe Photoshop and over 10 years of applying it to digital photos gives him a powerful "toolkit" for extracting the best possible image from any photographic challenge.

Susan Livingston

Susan Livingston had over 15 years of experience with HP before leaving the company in 2000 to stay home with our young children. Livingstudios was founded at that time as a project to keep Susan busy earning extra money when the kids were otherwise occupied. Initially focused on web design and implementation, Susan took care of the customer facing side of the business while Kris was in the background doing most of the creative and technical work in the evenings and on weekends.

In early 2006, Susan got her Idaho Real Estate license and became a full-time real estate agent, and officially turned Livingstudios over to Kris in late 2007. By that time, Kris's creative energies were redirected toward photography, and especially architectural and real estate photography. Kris is mainly self-taught in most of his passions, but has taken classes in architectural photography and lighting from Anthony Weller and Charlie Borland. All of the photography for Susan's real estate marketing materials is provided exclusively by Livingstudios.