iPhone photo
E-Mail (preferred)

Some folks like phone calls, some like e-mail. I have an iPhone, so I enjoy both on the same device. However, my preference is for e-mail, and here's why:

  • I live on e-mail. If I'm awake and not shooting pictures, I'm on the computer.
  • Sometimes I can't take phone calls, but I can always receive your e-mail.
  • My iPhone notifies me of your message within seconds of when you hit Send.
  • Unless I'm in a meeting or otherwise tied up, I usually respond to your email within an hour, but almost always the same day.
  • E-mail provides a handy record of communications that you don't get with voice calls.

Email me at: kris@livingstudios.com


Yes, I'll share my number if you want it, via e-mail.