Real Estate Photography

There is probably no more harsh critic of my photographs than myself. My goal is to create and deliver the best possible images, exceeding your expectations at every opportunity.

Pricing Structure

Our real estate photography prices are a combination of two elements:

  • charges for photo session(s) (fixed, see below)
  • charges for the images you order (per image, see below)

Prices are per property, in case you have multiple homes to shoot.

Delivery of Proofs and Final Photos

Private Web Site

For all photography, images you purchase will be delivered via a private web site so that you can download them at your convenience. Click the image at left to see a sample web site with photos from a 2007 Parade home. Using Internet Explorer version 6? Read this first.

IE 6 Users Please Note:

The private web site makes use of modern web technologies that work best with IE version 7 or later. If you are using IE 6, you will see a notice of recommended browsers for the site. Don't worry, though, just click the "Use Current Browser" button (circled in red below) and it should work just fine.


Proof Copies

When images are sold individually, they will be initially posted on a web site as "proofs" so that you can choose the ones you want to buy. Proof images are smaller than the final images, and they have a "Livingstudios Proof Copy" watermark to remind you that it's not the final image that you'll be buying. Other than the size (resolution) and the watermark, proofs are the same as the final image. Here is a sample "proof copy."

Ordering Final Images

After making your selections, you would order final images by giving us a list of image numbers (e.g., 0821, 0827, 0830, 0833, etc.), and then we would publish those images to the same web site, replacing the corresponding proofs. You will be billed for the final images you choose, according to the fee structure detailed below.

Specific Prices

The first element in our real estate photography pricing is the Photo Session, which consists of at least one trip to your property, and some possible add-on services. Click the "details" links for more information about each item. While we try to keep our rates consistent and competitive, our prices are subject to change without notice.

Photo Sessions - Fixed Charges

[details][close] First Trip - base price for all photos

The First Trip to the property (within Ada county plus Nampa/Caldwell) is a flat $60 fee, which represents a nominal compensation for our time, gas, and planning. The time we spend at the property will range from about a half hour for Basic shots to a few hours for a large number of Strobe shots. The First Trip fee includes a combination of Basic and HDR photography—there are additional fees for a Strobe Session and for Twilight Timing.

[details][close] Return Trips - for retakes or additional shots

A typical property can often be shot in one trip, but due to the variability of the Sun, the weather, and your specific requirements, it may be necessary to come back at another time to get additional shots. These Return Trips are billed at $30 each, and include additional Basic and HDR photography as needed. Additional fees apply for a Strobe Session and for Twilight Timing.

[details][close] Strobe Session - added to the trip fee

A Strobe Session involves additional studio lighting equipment that is required for the best possible images. This equipment requires extra effort to transport and set up, and every room requires a unique balance of lighting that takes extra time to fine-tune. This type of photography is most appropriate for staged, high-end show homes, but is always an option for whenever you want the highest quality images. The Strobe Session fee adds $100 to the trip fee.

[details][close] Twilight Timing - added to the trip fee

Twilight shots have a relatively narrow window of opportunity when the artificial lights on the house and the natural light remaining in the sky are in proper balance. This varies with the weather, the position of the house, and the season. Because of the timing challenges involved with twilight shots, we will add $20 to the trip fee.


Note: The prices above are for photography and processing services only—final photos are offered separately according to the prices in the following table.

Images - à la carte

[details][close] Basic Photos - Up to 20 images for $20

When you request Basic photos, we skip the tripod, the studio lighting, and advanced processing, and we do our best with a nice handheld camera with on-camera flash. The results are always respectable, and sometimes even quite excellent, but usually not of the caliber of HDR or Strobe shots. For one flat $20 fee, you get up to 20 shots. Additional Basic shots, if any, are $2 each.

for up to 20
[details][close] HDR & Twilight Photos

HDR & Twilight Photos are priced together, since Twilight photos often use some HDR processing techniques. For this type of photo, final images are available for $30 each when you buy up to 5. The 6th through 10th images are only $15 each, and any beyond 10 are just $5 each.

Photo # Price Total
1 $30 $30
2 " $60
3 " $90
4 " $120
5 " $150
6 $15 $165
7 " $180
8 " $195
9 " $210
10 " $225
11 $5 $230
12 " $235
13 " $240
14 " $245
15 " $250
16 " $255
and so on...

[show table][close]

$30, $15, $5
[details][close] Strobe Photos

Strobe photos are priced a little higher than HDR because of the additional skill required to light a room properly. Also, the techniques to process the Strobe images are similar to those used for HDR, but it's a more manual process. Again, the prices are broken down into three groups: the first five images are $40 each, the next five are $25 each, and additional photos are $15 each beyond the tenth.

Photo # Price Total
1 $40 $40
2 " $80
3 " $120
4 " $160
5 " $200
6 $25 $225
7 " $250
8 " $275
9 " $300
10 " $325
11 $15 $340
12 " $355
13 " $370
14 " $385
15 " $400
16 " $415
and so on...

[show table][close]

$40, $25, $15

Pricing Examples

The following examples represent typical combinations of session and image charges. Please let me know if you have any questions. My number one goal is your satisfaction.

One HDR shot: $60+30 $90
One Twilight shot: $60+20+30 $110
10 HDR: $60+(5x30)+(5x15) $285
10 HDR, 20 Basic, Return Trip for one Twilight: $285+20+30+20+5 $360
10 Strobe, 20 Basic, Return Trip for one Twilight: $60+100+(5x40)+(5x25)+20+30+20+30 $585
20 Basic: $60+20 $80
40 Basic: $60+20+(20x2) $120

[Show some pricing examples][close]

Web and Graphic Design Work

Web design, maintenance, and graphic design work is billed at $60/hour. We like to keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler.