I’m Susan Livingston, a certified Architectural Color Consultant. I began my career as something quite different, a computer software engineer and project manager with Hewlett Packard. But once I had an opportunity to help design and oversee build jobs for my family and others, I quickly discovered that my true interests were in the areas of design, construction and real estate. Later I found that I had an eye for color and became particularly drawn to the power of color in design, so I went on to study architectural color with several leaders in the industry. And with my technical background, I have found ways to combine the science of color with the art of color, and utilize several powerful color tools in my consultations, including some proprietary ones. But the best part of the job is working collaboratively with people to improve the appearance and feeling of the spaces in which they live and work. I live in Eagle, Idaho with my husband, with additional family nearby, and two adult daughters who spend time with us when they can.

True Colour Expert (Maria Killam)
Certified Color Strategist (Lori Sawaya, Camp Chroma, Land of Color)
ColorIQ Certified Architectural Color Consultant (Theresa Tullio)
Certified Color Expert (Audra Slinkey, Home Staging Resource)
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Maria Killam True Color Expert
Certified Color Strategist (Lori Sawaya, Camp Chroma, Land of Color)
Certified Architectural Color Consultant ITheresa Tullio, ColorIQ)